Applying for accreditation
What is the application process?

Once the application is accepted as lodged (the application is complete and the application fee has been received) an Analyst will be assigned to assess your application. If you have not provided a complete application as requested in the application guide, we will not accept the application as lodged and will not invoice the application fee. We will request that you revise the material and re-submit at a later date.

Once the Analyst has all the information they need, they will assess your application. If the Analyst identifies information gaps in your application they will send you a Request for Further Information. This request should be addressed promptly to avoid delays in processing. Following this assessment, your application will be considered by the Scheme Administrator (the ESS Committee or the Tribunal, as the case may be) who will make a decision. We will then advise you of the decision in writing.

How long will it take me to be accredited once I have submitted my application?

The application process typically takes up to three months once the application is accepted as lodged if the application package is complete and contains the required information.

There is no guarantee an applicant will be accredited. An applicant has to demonstrate to the Scheme Administrator that all the requirements have been met before it can become an Accredited Certificate Provider, if not the Scheme Administrator may refuse the application.

What costs are associated with becoming an Accredited Certificate Provider?

There is an application fee which needs to be paid with each application.

An application fee for the registration of energy savings certificates for each certificate needs to be paid when registering certificates. Certificates can only be traded once this fee has been paid.

Accredited Certificate Providers are typically required to commission and pay for audit's. The costs depend on the scope of work, the type of audit and the nature of the energy savings activities.

The costs may also vary depending on the certificate volume, and compliance history.

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Can I apply to create certificates for projects that were completed prior to my application being submitted?


You can only create energy savings certificates for projects that were implemented after you are accredited. If you are being nominated as the energy saver, you must be nominated as at the implementation date.

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What are my obligations once I am accredited?

As an Accredited Certificate Provider you are obliged to implement your energy savings activity in accordance with the Act, Regulation and the ESS Rule. You must also comply with any conditions of accreditation specified in your Accreditation Notice.

In broad terms, these obligations will typically include keeping records as described in your approved record keeping arrangements, arranging for audits of your energy savings projects and advising IPART if there are any changes to your business or energy savings projects.

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