The Compliance Priorities set out where IPART’s Energy Sustainability Schemes Team will focus its compliance resources for the year. Being transparent about our Compliance Priorities can assist businesses to understand where compliance attention will be focussed and to take steps to address identified risks.  

This enables us to target resources to the areas of greatest risk and to better achieve our objectives of maintaining the integrity of the Safeguard Schemes and realising positive sustainability outcomes for the people of NSW.

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Peak Demand Reduction Scheme

We will support and educate Accredited Certificate Providers and Scheme Participants by producing a range of tools, guidance material and workshops to help businesses know their obligations and understand how to comply.

solar panels

Emerging scheme activities including heat pumps, air conditioners and other new activities

We will monitor emerging business models and risks to ensure activities are conducted according to the rules, are fit for purpose, and that any unintended consequences are identified and dealt with

People and Processes

Scheme Participant liability

We will support newer Scheme Participants to understand and meet their compliance obligations through information sessions and targeted engagement.


Consumer protection

We will focus our compliance efforts on Safeguard Scheme requirements which aim to protect consumers. We will provide information to help consumers understand the Safeguard Schemes.