Trading certificates

The Registry of Certificates is not a trading platform.

Trading of certificates occurs outside the Registry of Certificates, which records all current and past ownership of certificates. When a trade occurs, the change in ownership of those certificates must be recorded in the Registry of Certificates by transferring the certificates to the new owner.

How the transfer process works

All parties to the transfer must have a TESSA account. The seller initiates the transfer of certificates in TESSA by offering the certificates to a buyer. The certificates will then be held by the system.

The buyer receives notification of the transfer via email and in their TESSA account and decides to accept or reject the offer of transfer.

A transfer must be completed by both the seller and buyer within 60 calendar days. It can be cancelled by either party prior to completion of the transfer, but will be automatically cancelled after 60 days if not accepted.

There is no fee or stamp duty charged for transferring certificates.

Once the Buyer and Seller have approved the transfer, the certificate ownership details will be updated in the Registry of Certificates and the transfer process is complete.

You can see the status and other details for all your certificate transfers in the My Cases menu of your TESSA account.