Eligible upgrades for households and small businesses include:

  • high efficiency or LED lighting upgrades
  • replacing electric or gas water heaters
  • installing or replacing existing air conditioners
  • replacing windows or doors with thermally efficient windows or doors
  • installing or replacing existing pool pumps
  • installing efficient showerheads
  • draft proofing or sealing windows, doors, chimneys and exhaust fans
  • replacing refrigerated cabinets (small businesses only)
  • installing or replacing certain motors (small businesses only).

The Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) or their representative must install the equipment. This ensures that licensed and trained technicians install the equipment correctly and safely.

Further information

Our fact sheet for households and small business owners provides important information about the ESS, how to get involved, costs, and where to get more information. It also covers frequently asked questions.  

See the Heat pump water heater fact sheet for consumers and the Heat pump water heater fact sheet for businesses for more information about things to consider when installing a heat pump water heater, including frequently asked questions.

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