Our online system TESSA (The Energy Security Safeguard Application) has replaced the ESS Registry, ESS Portal and ELT Portal. It supports the Energy Security Safeguard Schemes including the Energy Savings Scheme and Peak Demand Reduction Scheme.

Anyone can use TESSA to view the Registry of Certificates, Accepted Products List and Published List of ACPs and Accreditations or contact IPART with the Correspondence’ form. However, to perform other activities in TESSA you will need a user account.

Each user account must be associated with a unique email address. You will also need a unique user account and email for each organisation you are related to in TESSA. This is because one user cannot be associated with multiple organisation accounts in TESSA.

TESSA has different functionality depending on what type of user you are and how you interact with the schemes.

User account types

TESSA has 4 user account types based on your organisation and the activities you might perform:

  • Basic – allows you to transfer certificates and prepare an application for product acceptance or accreditation from within TESSA (only signatory users can submit applications for accreditation). Every organisation (except for an auditor) has this type of account.
  • Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) – in addition to the Basic account functions, this account allows you to register certificates, prepare an application for amendments to your accreditations (only signatory users can submit an application for amendment) and engage in auditing processes.
  • Scheme Participant – in addition to the Basic account functions, this account allows you to lodge annual statements and surrender certificates for compliance under the scheme.
  • Auditor – allows you to work on audit cases and raise new audit recommendations.

Additional ‘privileges’ can be added to your user account to reflect your role and responsibilities in your organisation as follows:

  • Customer admin users (similar to the primary user in the ESS Portal) – automatically granted to the individual who initially registers the TESSA account for an organisation. This person will act as the main contact for that organisation in TESSA. The customer admin user can add additional users to the organisation’s TESSA account. These additional users can also be given customer admin or signatory user privileges.
  • Signatory users – enables you to submit applications for accreditations and amendments in TESSA. You can become a signatory user by providing evidence of your authority (see our Registering an account page for more information).

For more information about how you can use TESSA see:

TESSA support

Support is available during business hours, Monday to Friday, but you can log an issue with us at any time. For issues logging into TESSA, please complete the ‘Correspondence’ form (you can also access this form from the TESSA homepage). For technical issues, log into TESSA and use ‘My Technical Support’.

You can also review our TESSA FAQs to learn more.