IPART’s role in the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS) is administering the creation of Peak Reduction Certificates and regulating its Scheme Participants to help ensure the scheme objectives are met. The PDRS and its objectives are based on policy settings and legislation developed and maintained by the Office of Energy and Climate Change (OECC). For more information on OECC’s role in the scheme, refer to the OECC’s role page.

In our role as the Scheme Administrator, we:

  • assess applications to be an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP)
  • help ACPs understand how to comply with their obligations and monitor their compliance
  • assess applications to be an auditor
  • manage a registry to record the creation of certificates
  • report to the Minister on ACP compliance annually (see Annual reports to the Minister).

In our role as the Scheme Regulator, we:

  • help Scheme Participants understand their obligations
  • assess Scheme Participant liabilities and how they are met
  • help Scheme Participants determine their liabilities by: