We have developed a set of outcomes driven key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure we:

  • are a best practice regulator
  • administer schemes effectively and efficiently
  • engage and communicate with our stakeholders effectively
  • have a team featuring people with the right mix of skills.

We are working to implement the actions set out in the tables below and will use the indicators to measure our success. Our team will review the KPIs annually to make sure that they are still relevant and drive improvements in our performance. We will report on them annually.

Please contact us to provide your feedback. We value your feedback and will be consider it carefully when we review the KPIs.

We are a best practice regulator




Emerging issues are proactively identified and managed according to risk

Identify and publish annual compliance priorities

90% of ACPs and auditors are aware of compliance priorities

Improved compliance behaviour in priority areas

Regulatory decisions are proportionate, cognisant of market context and informed by best evidence to maintain scheme integrity; the basis for our decisions is explained to and understood by regulated entities

Develop and publish a compliance and enforcement policy that reflects that regulatory decisions are proportionate and informed by best evidence

Explain the reasoning behind our regulatory decisions

100% of decisions are aligned with published compliance and enforcement policy

Key regulatory decisions are supported by context and underlying rationale

We effectively and efficiently administer the schemes




We make it easy to participate in the schemes

Implement specific actions from Stakeholder engagement strategy relating to "Keep you informed and be responsive"

98% of queries acknowledged within 2 business days

100% of open queries receive progress updates at fortnightly intervals

We effectively engage and communicate with our stakeholders




We help industry to understand their obligations

Implement specific actions from the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy to improve stakeholders' understanding of how to comply

With the Office of Energy and Climate Change, develop and implement complementary stakeholder engagement plans and a joint Events calendar

75% of attendees report that information session/engagement activities improved understanding

An Events Calendar is published on our website.


Our people have the right mix of skills and are engaged




We have a diverse team with a broad mix of skills and backgrounds

Implement people-related actions to improve team engagement and efficacy

10% increase in engagement in the team year on year as shown in survey results