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Information about PDRS battery activities

We’ve published information for stakeholders about new PDRS battery activities starting on 1 November.

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Draft PDRS Method Guide consultation

We’re seeking feedback on the draft PDRS Method Guide, which reflects changes to the PDRS Rule commencing 1 August 2024. Have your say by 1 July.

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2024 Draft Safeguard Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

We are keen for your views on our 2024 Draft Safeguard Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.

New ESS Rule
New ESS Rule and PDRS Rule published

New Rules have been published for the ESS and the PDRS, affecting activities including refrigerated cabinet, water heater and pool pump activities. 

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Consultation outcomes on operational changes to scheme participant compliance processes

We have published outcomes of our consultation with changes to apply for the 2023 ESS and 2023-24 PDRS reporting period.

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New approach to changing audit conditions and increasing certificate creation limits

We‘ve published outcomes of our consultation and will begin using the new approach for applications to change audit and certificate creation limit conditions received from today.

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