Scheme Participants for the ESS Compliance period 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021 are identified below

Company Name

1st Energy Pty Ltd

Lumo Energy Australia Pty Ltd

ActewAGL Retail (Icon Retail Investments Limited and AGL ACT Retail Investments Pty Ltd)

M2 Energy Pty Ltd (trading as Dodo Power & Gas and trading as Commander Power & Gas)

Active Utilities Retail Pty Ltd

Macarthur Energy Retail Pty Ltd 

AGL Macquarie Pty Limited

Macquarie Bank Limited

AGL Sales (Queensland Electricity) Pty Limited

Maximum Energy Retail Pty Ltd

AGL Sales Pty Limited

Metered Energy Holdings Pty Ltd

AGL South Australia Pty Ltd

Microgrid Power Pty Ltd

Alinta Energy Retail Sales Pty Ltd

Mojo Power Pty Ltd

Altogether Group Pty Ltd

Momentum Energy Pty Limited

Amber Electric Pty Ltd

MTA Energy Pty Limited

Apex Energy Holdings Pty Ltd

Neighbourhood Energy Pty Ltd

Arc Energy Corporation Pty Ltd

Next Business Energy Pty Ltd

Aurora Energy Pty Ltd

OC Energy Pty Ltd

Balance Commodities and Energy Pty Ltd

Online Power and Gas Pty Ltd (trading as Future X Power)

Blue NRG Pty Ltd

Origin Energy Electricity Limited

Bright Spark Power Pty Ltd

OVO Energy Pty Ltd

Brighte Energy Pty Ltd

OzGen Retail Pty Ltd

CleanCo Queensland Limited

People Energy Pty Ltd

Cleanpeak Energy Retail Pty Ltd

Pooled Energy Pty Limited

CleanTech Energy Pty Ltd

Positive Energy TM Pty Ltd

Click Energy Pty Ltd

Power Club Limited

Cogent Energy Pty Ltd

Powerdirect Pty Ltd

CovaU Pty Limited

PowerHub Pty Ltd

CPE Mascot Pty Ltd

Powershop Australia Pty Limited

CS Energy Limited

Powow Power Pty Ltd

CSR Building Products Limited

Progressive Green Pty Ltd (trading as Flow Power)

Darlington Point Solar Farm Pty Ltd

QEnergy Limited

Diamond Energy Pty Ltd

Radian Holdings Pty Ltd

Discover Energy Pty Ltd

Real Utilities Pty Limited

EDL Retail Pty Ltd

ReAmped Energy Pty Ltd

ElectrAg Pty Ltd

Red Energy Pty Limited

Electricity in a Box Pty Ltd

Rush Energy Pty Ltd

Ellis Air Connect Pty Ltd

Sanctuary Energy Pty Ltd

Elysian Energy Pty Ltd

Savant Energy Power Networks Pty Limited

Enel Energy Australia Pty Ltd 

Shell Energy Retail Pty Ltd

Energy Locals Pty Ltd

Simply Energy (IPower Pty Ltd and IPower 2 Pty Ltd)

Energy On Pty Ltd

Smart Energy Retail Pty Ltd

Energy Services Management Pty Ltd

SmartestEnergy Australia Pty Ltd

EnergyAustralia Pty Ltd

Social Energy Australia Pty Ltd

EnergyAustralia Yallourn Pty Ltd

Stanwell Corporation Limited

Enova Energy Pty Ltd

Starcorp Energy Pty Ltd

Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd

Sumo Power Pty Ltd

Evergy Pty Ltd

Sun Retail Pty Ltd

EZI Power Pty Ltd

Sunset Power International Pty Ltd (trading as Delta Electricity)

GEE Power & Gas Pty Ltd

Sustainable Savings Pty Ltd

Globird Energy Pty Ltd

Tango Energy Pty Ltd

Hanwha Energy Retail Australia Pty Ltd

Telstra Energy (Retail) Pty Ltd

Humenergy Group Pty Ltd

The Embedded Networks Company Pty Ltd

Iberdrola Australia Energy Markets Pty Limited

The trustee for the Finley Solar Trust

Iberdrola Australia Holdings Pty Limited

Tilt Renewables Australia Pty Ltd

Iberdrola Australia Wallgrove Pty Limited

Tomago Aluminium Company Pty Ltd

International Power (Retail) Pty Limited

Total Gas & Power Australia Pty Ltd

Locality Planning Energy Pty Ltd

WINconnect Pty Ltd

Localvolts Pty Ltd

Y.E.S. Energy (SA) Pty Ltd

Lumo Energy (NSW) Pty Ltd

ZEN Energy Retail Pty Ltd

Lumo Energy (QLD) Pty Ltd


Lumo Energy (SA) Pty Ltd