To be a successful ACP you are responsible for maintaining your knowledge of the scheme and ensuring your business practices meet responsibilities under the ESS’s legislative framework, including:

This includes providing households, businesses, and installers that you work with clear information about the scheme.

This part of our website is here to help you understand these requirements. Offences under the scheme are taken seriously and penalties may apply if you contravene your responsibilities as an ACP, including if:

  1. you create or purport to create an energy saving certificate in breach of the Act, the Regulation or the Rules (including any conditions of accreditation).
  2. you contravene your conditions of accreditation
  3. you fail, without a reasonable excuse, to comply with a formal notice requiring you to provide information
  4. you provide false or misleading information to us (the Scheme Administrator).

The maximum penalty for offences 1 and 2 (listed above) is $220,000. Offences 3 and 4 can attract substantial monetary penalties (up to $27,500 for corporations and $11,000 for individuals for offence 3, and $11,000 for anyone for offence 4) and six months imprisonment for individuals.