You will have reporting requirements operating as an ACP. If you wish to register Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs), a summary of each relevant implementation must be provided to IPART through an Implementation data upload. This must be submitted in a csv file format on TESSA. For more information about what implementation data you need to provide for each calculation method, refer to Registering certificates.

For Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits (HEER) accreditations, you must report the above information by the end of each calendar month for all implementations that occurred in the previous month, regardless of whether you have registered ESCs for these implementations. For example, an implementation data upload populated with all implementations that occurred in April must be submitted by the end of May of the same year.

In general, no further reporting is required. However, the Scheme Administrator may from time to time impose extra reporting requirements on ACPs. The timing and specific reporting requirements are listed in Item 5 of the Schedule to your Accreditation Notice.