Once you are an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) in the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS) you will be able to create Peak Reduction Certificates (PRCs) from eligible activities like installing air conditioners or water heaters.

Before you apply you should:

  • Look at whether working with an existing ACP would be more convenient or appropriate (for example if your activity is a small or one-off project or your business does not have the capacity to meet PDRS requirements).
  • Understand what it means to operate as an ACP, including the costs of participating (e.g. audit costs) and the online systems you will need to access.
  • Understand the legal requirements and obligations of ACPs.
  • Check the activity you wish to undertake is an eligible activity, not an excluded activity.
  • Consider applying for both the ESS and PDRS at the same time as many of the activities are the same and you could create both PRCs and Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) from the same activity.
  • Work out what you will do with the PRCs that you create.

If you decide to apply to become an ACP go to our Application pathways for the PDRS webpage to work out which pathway works best for you, but please be mindful that:

  • Participation as an ACP will require your business to meet administrative costs and obligations.
  • Your record keeping and business processes must be of a high standard and will be assessed both during the application process and while you are accredited (e.g. through independent audits).
  • We treat non-compliance seriously and non-compliance can lead to financial and legal consequences for your business. See the Compliance Guide - ACPs for more information.

Only ACPs can create PRCs. This means you cannot create PRCs until your application for accreditation has been approved.