Some products must be accepted for use by the Scheme Administrator before certificates can be created. Conventional lighting technologies such as fluorescent, incandescent and halogen luminaires, must meet national Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and electrical safety standards. These technologies do not require acceptance.

Products that must be accepted

Products that must be accepted by the Scheme Administrator for use in ESS activities include:

  • Lighting equipment (e.g. Light Emitting Diode (LED) and induction luminaires) used in the:
    • Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula (Commercial Lighting) method
    • Activity Definitions E1, E2, E3, E5, E11 and E13 of the Home Energy Efficiency (HEER) method
    • Project Impact Assessment with Measurement and Verification (PIAM&V) method
    • Metered Baseline Methods.
  • Water heaters used in:
    • Activity Definitions D17, D18, D19, D20 and D21 of the HEER method
    • Activity Definitions F16 and F17 of the Installation of High Efficiency Appliances for Businesses (IHEAB) method
  • Chimney dampers used in Activity Definition E9 of the HEER method.

Public list of accepted products

We publish all accepted products on the accepted products list on TESSA, our online system. ACPs may use the products on the accepted products list in their energy savings activities. The accepted products list specifies for each product the:

  • calculation method and, where relevant, the activity definition
  • date the product was accepted (shown as ‘effective from’)
  • date the product was cancelled (shown as ‘effective to’)
  • parameters for ACPs to use in energy savings calculations.

ACPs must use the parameters (e.g. LCP) current as at the date of the implementation in their energy savings calculations.

Applying for product acceptance

Applications are made on our online system, TESSA. See our Registering an account page and this video on applying for product acceptance for more information.

Application requirements and the information that must be provided with an application is detailed in the Product Applications Guide.

Relevant Documentation

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