Products used under the Safeguard

The Safeguard provides financial incentives to install, upgrade or replace equipment to use less energy, and reduce peak electricity demand. Where the activity involves installation of new or replacement appliances and products, products may need to be listed on a public list or registered to be eligible under the safeguard. The public lists relevant to the Safeguard are:

The types of products that need to be on a public list are detailed in the table below:


IPART Public List
Air conditioners Refrigerator Lighting
Pool pumps Freezer Hot water heaters
Refrigerated display cabinets Television Chimney dampers
Clothes dryers Liquid chilling package  
Dishwasher High efficiency motors  

In all cases, certificates may only be created from the installation of a specific product on or after the date it is listed on the public list or register.  The public list includes the product brand, model number, parameters needed to calculate the number of certificates attributable to an activity under the Safeguard, as well as relevant information specific to each product type.

Public list of accepted products

The Scheme Administrator needs to accept water heaters, lighting equipment and chimney dampers before use in activities under the Safeguard. ACPs can install the products published on the list provided they are accepted by the Scheme Administrator for the relevant activity. Product type by method for more information on the types of products that are required to be accepted by the Scheme Administrator under each method.

Please note that while the Scheme Administrator accepts products for use in the safeguard, it does not approve products for sale or use in NSW. Approval under relevant legislations (e.g. safety, quality) is under the jurisdiction of other regulators such as the Department of Fair Trading. If you are a product applicant or manufacturer, please ensure your marketing material meets our guidance.

We publish the accepted products on TESSA, our online system. For each product, the accepted products list specifies:

  • calculation method and, where relevant, the activity definition

  • date the product was accepted (shown as ‘effective from’)

  • date the product was cancelled (shown as ‘effective to’)

  • parameters for ACPs to use in energy savings and peak demand capacity calculations.

ACPs must use the parameters (e.g. LCP) current as at the date of the implementation in their calculations.

Any enquiries regarding Product Applications should be directed to our dedicated Product Applications Team at

Product Application Process

To add a product to the Accepted Products List you need to submit an application for product acceptance to the Scheme Administrator. Please refer to our Application Guide for Product Applicants for more information about the application process and required supporting evidence. You can also refer to the Method Guide for the relevant calculation method.

Please note: Test reports submitted to IPART need to be from an accredited laboratory or equivalent. IPART is not involved in any testing or certification of products but relies on reports from accredited bodies.

For specific information about applying for acceptance of different product types, please see the following pages:

* See Water heaters – product acceptance for important information about product acceptance for multiple heat pump water heaters under the RDUE and IHEAB methods.