Audits play an integral role in the Energy Security Safeguard Schemes, helping ensure the ongoing compliance of Scheme Participants and Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs).

Audits under the schemes must be performed by an approved member of the Audit Services Panel. Panel members have been assessed by IPART to ensure they hold the necessary qualifications to conduct reasonable assurance audits. Auditors can also provide advice or consultancy services provided there is no conflict of interest in carrying out their audit functions.  

Information about joining the Audit Services Panel is available on the Join the Audit Panel page.

If you are an ACP or Scheme Participant seeking to engage an auditor, you should contact one of the approved auditors from the list below. Members of the panel can conduct audits under all the schemes.

‘PIAM&V Auditors’ have been approved by IPART as being suitably qualified to conduct audits of Energy Savings Scheme ACPs using the Project Impact Assessment with Measurement and Verification (PIAM&V) method.

Audit Panel Member Primary Contact PIAM&V Auditor

AECOM Services Pty Ltd

Chani Lokuge

T: 02 8934 0521


C&N Audit Services Pty Ltd

Robert Edwards

T: 07 3391 6322


Clear Environment Pty Ltd

Greg Loftus

T: 0419 420 855

Greg Loftus

T: 0419 420 855

Denis Cooke & Associates Pty Ltd

Denis Cooke

T: 02 9871 6641

Denis Cooke

T: 02 9871 6641

EnergyLink Services Pty Ltd

Philip Link

T: 0422 860 845

Rodrigo Pardo Patron

T: 0434 347 807

Ernst & Young

Terence Jeyaretnam

T: 02 9248 4216


Ethos Environmental Pty Ltd

Helen Onus

T: 0416 271 788


GHD Pty Ltd

Avanish Panikkar

T: 02 9239 7667


Ndevr Environmental Pty Ltd

Matt Drum

T: 03 7035 1740


Piccolo Pty Ltd t/as Renaissance Energy

John Blik

T: 0400 851 204


Point Advisory Pty Ltd

Simon Dawes

T: 0410 543 772

Simon Dawes

T: 0410 543 772

RSM Australia Pty Ltd (trading as RSM)

Tim Pittaway

T: 02 8226 4806


SMEC Australia Pty Ltd

Luke Palfreeman

T: 02 9900 7088


Zephyr Environmental Pty Ltd

Damon Roddis

T: 0410 598 949