Auditing Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) and Scheme Participants is one of the mechanisms we use to monitor compliance and performance under the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS).

Audits ensure the PDRS is operating as designed, and that:

  • the creation of peak reduction certificates (PRCs) by ACPs results in genuine peak demand reduction capacity
  • Scheme Participants correctly calculate and meet their individual PDRS certificate targets.

Audits are performed by a member of the Audit Services Panel.

From 1 August 2023, Auditors will be able to commence PDRS audits. Auditors may be able to commence PDRS audits earlier than this date where IPART and the auditor have agreed in writing to commence the amended audit panel agreement at an earlier date. To see whether your auditor has an earlier commencement date please see Audit Services Panel.

Audits under the PDRS either involve Auditing ACPs, or Auditing Scheme Participants and the calculation of their individual liable demand.

For both types of audits, a Detailed Scope of Works (DSW) outlining the audit scope and an Audit Deed Poll must be submitted. We need to approve the commencement of the audit. The DSW must detail the nature and scope of the auditing approach, as directed by IPART or the auditor, as appropriate.

Audit Guides

We have prepared Audit Guides to help ACPs, Scheme Participants and auditors understand requirements and processes relating to PDRS audits.

Audit Scopes

We have prepared a DSW Submission Form for ACP audits to streamline the submission and approval of the DSW. The template:

  • sets out standard scope items over which the lead auditor is asked to provide an opinion, and
  • identifies standard procedures necessary to form an opinion for each of the scope items.

We have also prepared a method specific audit scope for the Reducing Demand Using Efficiency method applicable to audits of ACPs. 

See Auditing ACPs for more information.

Audit Deed Poll

The Audit Deed Poll clarifies IPART's rights and responsibilities in the agreement to engage the auditor.

Audit Deed Polls must be signed by the ACP or Scheme Participant when engaging an auditor for PDRS audits.

For more information, see Auditing ACPs or Auditing Scheme Participants.