We accredit businesses and individuals as Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs). This allows them to create energy savings certificates (ESCs) from their energy savings activities. Apply to IPART if you want to become an ACP.

Before you think about applying, you should:

If you decide to apply to become an ACP, please be mindful that:

  • Participation as an ACP will require your business to meet administrative costs and obligations
  • Your record keeping and business processes must be of a high standard and will be assessed both during the application process and while you are accredited (eg, through independent audits), and
  • We treat non-compliance seriously and non-compliance can lead to financial and legal consequences for your business. See the Compliance Guide-ACPs for more information.

Only ACPs can create ESCs. This means that you cannot create ESCs until your application for accreditation has been approved. You will not be able to create ESCs for activities you perform before you are accredited.