The following activities are specifically excluded from the scheme:

  • activities that reduce production or service levels, including safety levels
  • activities not implemented at a site or sites in NSW or a jurisdiction with an approved corresponding scheme
  • activities that are unlawful to carry out
  • installing T5 Adaptor kits or retrofitting LED linear lamps
  • activities undertaken to comply with any statutory requirement
  • Network Service Provider projects that would otherwise have passed a regulatory investment test
  • the purchase or sale of electricity or gaseous fuels from the electricity or gas network where representations are made that there is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions because the generation of electricity or production of gaseous fuel come from a particular energy source
  • activities that reduce energy consumption by increasing consumption of non-renewable fuels (other than electricity) to provide equivalent goods or services
  • activities that reduce gas or biogas consumption by flaring gas or biogas instead
  • activities that reduce eligible fuel consumption by generating electricity from any source where the generating system has a nameplate rating of 30 MW or higher
  • the export of electricity, gas or biogas to the electricity or gas network
  • fuel switching activities that lead to a net increase in greenhouse gas emissions (applicable to clauses 7A, 8.5, 8.6 and 8.7 of the ESS Rule)
  • activities implemented prior to the date an Accredited Certificate Provider is accredited for the activity.
  • activities that generate energy using native forest bio-materials
  • installing solar photovoltaic systems (unless used for solar irrigation pumping)
  • installing solar or heat pump water heaters (unless replacing an electric or gas hot water or installed in a non-residential building)
  • activities at a site in the ACT where the site is required to report energy consumption under another Framework or Act.

Additionality Requirements

Additionality means that an implementation must go above and beyond what normally would have been funded. Project activities should occur because of the addition of potential certificate revenue.