Apply Directly

If you wish to become an Accredited Certificate Provider you must submit an application to IPART. Read more on the Becoming an ACP page.

You cannot create energy savings certificates until you have been accredited. Any activities you perform before becoming accredited may not be eligible to create energy savings certificates.

A non-refundable application fee of $2,500 applies.

Before you consider applying, please read more about the Costs of being an ACP, Record keeping obligations and Minimum Requirements of Conduct.

Work with an existing provider

Becoming an Accredited Certificate Provider may not benefit smaller projects with modest energy savings. Accreditation comes with obligations such as audit and record keeping requirements that can make direct participation difficult for smaller projects.

Business with smaller projects can be involved by working with an established Accredited Certificate Provider.

An established Accredited Certificate Provider may be able to create energy savings certificates from your project on your behalf. You will be asked to sign a nomination form to transfer your project’s energy savings to them so that they can create the energy savings certificates.

If you think that your project does not warrant applying for accreditation, consider working with an established Accredited Certificate Provider. This list - List of ACPs - contains providers who have nominated themselves as 'aggregators', willing to work with you to help bring your energy savings into the scheme.


The Energy Savings Scheme works together with a number of other NSW Government initiatives to reduce carbon emissions by reducing energy use.


National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) is a performance-based rating system for existing buildings. NABERS rates a building on the basis of its measured operational impacts on the environment. This provides a simple indication of how well these environmental impacts are managed compared with peers and neighbours.

NABERS is a national initiative managed by the NSW Government.

Sustainability Advantage

Sustainability Advantage is a business support service from the Department of Planning and Environment. It is designed to help organisations understand sustainability, successfully manage a better environment and add business value.