This is the web page referred to in section 3 of the Record Keeping Guide which lists the guidance documents which ACPs must follow with regards to record keeping.

Appropriate record keeping is essential to be a successful Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP), and is a condition of your accreditation.

You must keep records that evidence your energy savings activity and support your creation of energy savings certificates (ESCs). You must also maintain record keeping arrangements that ensure you are able to collect the evidence required.

The Record Keeping Guide sets out the evidence you must collect and retain for your energy savings activity and record keeping arrangements you must maintain.

The required records that you must keep are specific to the calculation method for your energy savings activity, but must evidence the:

  • Location in which the energy savings activity occurred

  • Energy savings (calculated in accordance with the ESS Rule) arising from that activity

  • Methodology, data and assumptions used to calculate those energy savings.

The table below sets out the guidance documents that detail the evidence that you must collect and retain as per Section 3 of the Record Keeping Guide.

Calculation method

Guidance documents

All methods Notice 04/2019 - Information for all methods - Clarification about the provision of CCEWs as evidence in the Energy Savings Scheme
Commercial Lighting Commercial Lighting - Evidence Manual
Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits HEER – Method Guide (Minimum Required Records)
Installation of High Efficiency Appliances for Business IHEAB - Method Guide (Minimum Required Records)
Meter Baseline Methods MBM - Method Guide (Minimum Required Records)
NABERS Baseline NABERS Baseline - Method Guide (Minimum Required Records)
Power Factor Correction PFC - Method Guide (Minimum Required Records)
Project Impact Assessment with Measurement & Verification

PIAM&V - Method Guide

ESS Notice 04/20 - Requirements for PIAM&V - PIAM&V Method Requirements

Public Lighting Public Lighting - Method Guide (Minimum Required Records)
Removal of Old Appliances Removal of Old Appliances - Method Guide (Minimum Required Records)
Sale of New Appliances Sale of New Appliances - Method Guide (Minimum Required Records)

Where the guidance documents listed above do not have information relevant to your energy savings activity, the Record Keeping Guide specifies a general list of activities for which you must evidence and keep records.

Maintaining appropriate record keeping arrangements and keeping appropriate records are standard conditions of accreditation we, as Scheme Administrator, apply to all ACPs.

Relevant Documentation

Record Keeping Guide - ACPs