Once you become an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP), you are eligible to create energy savings certificates (ESCs). This part of the website outlines some things you will need to know to operate as a successful ACP, including:

  • How your compliance is assessed under the scheme
  • Undertaking audits and reporting on your implementations
  • Costs you may incur as an ACP, such as registration fees and audit costs
  • Working with others to implement energy savings activities, such as installers, suppliers, businesses and households
  • Templates that you must use or are there to assist you
  • Managing your accreditation, such as changing your conditions of accreditation and becoming accredited to undertake new activities
  • Calculating energy savings, and things you must do before applying to register ESCs
  • Registering and trading ESCs
  • Our online systems that support your participation in the ESS