We have provided templates on our website for use by Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs). These include:

  • Mandatory templates – templates that must be used for a certain purpose
  • Optional templates – templates or tools that are provided to assist ACPs but are not mandatory.

The mandatory templates that apply to all calculation methods include:

  • Nomination forms
  • Corresponding Scheme Notices
  • Audit related forms.

Optional templates are specific to calculation methods.

Nomination forms

If you are an ACP operating as a nominated energy saver, you must obtain a nomination from the original energy saver for each implementation at a site.

All nomination forms must be approved by the Scheme Administrator.

We have published a nomination form that has been approved by the Scheme Administrator. You can use this form when the original energy saver is an individual or a corporation or business.

The nomination form can be applied to any energy savings calculation method. You are allowed to adjust the format of your nomination form to suit your business processes and branding; however, the wording must not be changed without our approval.

Corresponding Scheme Notice

If you are an ACP and you are eligible, have been eligible, become eligible or cease to be eligible to obtain a benefit under a corresponding Scheme for an energy savings activity at a site within NSW, you must notify us by completing a Corresponding Scheme Notice.

Audit templates

When your accreditation is due for an audit, you must complete the relevant sections of three templates – the DSW submission form, List of Sites (for pre-registration audits only) and upload them in TESSA. They will then be sent to the auditor to complete and finalise submission in TESSA. For more information, see Audit Scopes.

Method specific templates

In addition to the templates identified above, there are also method specific templates to help you operate as successful ACP, some of which are mandatory and others optional. These include:

  • Post implementation and installer declaration forms
  • Fact sheets / Information sheets that must be provided to the customer
  • Calculation tools
  • Report templates.

For more information on these templates, and to access them, please refer to the method specific pages for your chosen calculation method.