Accredited Certificate Providers (ACP) are charged several fees and may incur further costs as an ACP.


Fees charged to ACPs are set out in legislation and recover some of the costs of running the Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) and Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS). Fees typically apply to applications and certificate registration fees and apply to both the ESS and PDRS.

Application Fees

Application for accreditation as an ACP

$2,500 per application

Application to transfer an accreditation to a related body corporate

$500 per application

Application to change conditions of accreditation

None currently charged

Certificate registration fees

Energy savings certificate (ESC) for the period:

1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022*
1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023*


$0.92 per certificate
$0.99 per certificate

Peak reduction certificate (PRC) for the period:
1 November 2022 to 31 October 2023*

$0.0279 per certificate

*ESC and PRC fees are adjusted annually for movements in the Consumer Price Index

Other costs

ACPs will incur other costs associated with completing audits and setting up business processes to maintain compliance with the scheme.

Completing audits

You may be required to complete an audit before or after registering ESCs and PRCs.

The costs of audits vary depending on the scope of the audit, which is determined by the calculation method, activities, certificate volume, record keeping arrangements and your compliance history.

The appointment of the auditor is subject to approval by the Scheme Administrator.

Setting up your business processes and systems

Costs associated with establishing appropriate procedures, record‐keeping and training for staff, sub-contractors and third parties will also be incurred by ACPs.

These costs vary considerably depending on the size of your business and nature of your energy savings activity. They can also vary considerably based on whether procedures and systems are developed in‐house or externally.