We publish a range of guidance material, which provides information on the requirements that ACPs must meet. Our guidance sets out expected capabilities, standards of practice and evidence needed to support the eligible creation of energy savings certificates (ESCs). Generally, there are two types of guidance:

  • Documents that set out your requirements and support or expand on relevant ESS legislation.
    • Some guides contain requirements that are specific to your energy savings activity or calculation method. Others contain requirements that you must meet, irrespective of the activity for which you are accredited.
  • Documents that set out how we administer the ESS.
    • These guides describe how we make decisions regarding your compliance, applications to be accredited under the scheme, changes to your conditions of accreditation, and how you are audited.

The ESS requirements change from time and time. We regularly update our guidance documents to reflect changes to the legislative framework, clarify requirements or in response to systemic compliance issues.

The figures below can assist you when navigating the different type of guidance we publish and that you need to understand. Access to our guidance is available at the bottom of this webpage.

For enquiries about our guidance or on other ESS matters, please contact us or see our Fact Sheet – How to make an enquiry.

Guidance on ESS requirements that apply to ACPs

Obligations of ACPs - Guidance on ESS requirements that apply to ACPs.PNG








Guidance on how we administer the participation of ACPs in the ESS


Obligations of an ACP - Guidance on how we administer the participation of ACPs in the ESS.PNG






Accessing your guidance




This table provides links to where you can access our various guides and other specific information to assist you with understanding the ESS.




Document Name
General Requirements Guide - ACPs
Record Keeping Guide
Minimum Requirements of Conduct
ESS Notices: Requirements for all ACPs
Method Guides
Lighting Requirements Guides
Nomination Form Template
Application Guide and Forms
Compliance Guide – ACPs (Compliance policy)
Compliance Guide - ACPs (changes to accreditation)
Audit Guide