There are six steps to become an Accredited Certificate Provider which are described in detail below.

The application process timeline.PNG

We start assessing your application after you have paid the application fee in step 4. Our assessment of your application (steps 5 and 6) typically takes around four months.

We can assess your application more quickly if the application is straightforward and your application includes all necessary information with no or only minor issues to be addressed through requests for information. In our experience, at least one request for information is needed.

The time it takes to become accredited will depend on how well developed your business model, systems and processes are, the quality of your application, the complexity of the method and whether you are already an ACP with existing accreditations. It takes longer for new businesses and those without established systems to prepare an application as you will need to develop or enhance your business systems and documentation to meet the ESS requirements. Sometimes becoming accredited can take longer than four months.

The six steps in the application process

1. You prepare your application

You need to develop the business systems and processes for your proposed energy savings activity, prepare documentation and complete the two-part application form.

To find out more about how to prepare and fill out your application, see Preparing your application.

2. You submit your application

You need to submit your application to IPART.

To find out how to submit your application, see Submitting your application.

3. We check that your application is complete

We will check that you have completed all sections of the application form and included all attachments.

If your application is incomplete, we will request the missing information, which must be provided before we can proceed any further. Once all required information is provided, we consider your application to be accepted as complete.

4. You pay the application fee

Once your application is accepted as complete, we request payment of the application fee. In some cases, the application fee is not required.

Once we receive payment of the application fee (or deem it to be not required), your application is considered lodged and we can commence our assessment of your application.

5. We assess your application

We assess your application in accordance with ESS requirements (see Preparing your application). We will provide you with updates on the status of your application along the way, and may request further information to enable our assessment. We typically issue no more than two requests for information to ensure that application assessments are completed in a timely manner.

We will also request that you sign an undertaking that requires you to withhold or set-aside a percentage of registered ESCs from sale or trade until the validity of the ESCs have been confirmed through an audit. For more information, see Fact Sheet – Undertakings.

6. We notify you of our decision

When we have completed our assessment of your application, the Scheme Administrator will decide whether to approve or refuse your application. We will inform you of this decision in writing.

If your application is approved and you are accredited as an ACP, risk-based audit and reporting requirements will be set out in your Accreditation Notice.

You will have the right to request an internal review of the Scheme Administrator’s decision.