Scheme performance update

We have published scheme performance updates for the ESS (calendar year 2022) and PDRS (2022–23). This information is in addition to our Annual Report (see below). 

See our highlights document for a summary of scheme targets, certificate creation, participating entities and key consumer and environmental outcomes and our Schemes update 2022–23 for more detailed information. 

For those wanting to do their own analysis, we have also published Supplementary data in Excel© format. 

The update and supplementary data only cover compliance information for Accredited Certificate Providers as Scheme Participant reporting is not complete. Information on Scheme Participant compliance will be provided in our Annual Report to the Minister.

Annual Reports to the Minister

Our next Annual Report will be sent to the Minister in July 2024 and will cover both the 2022 ESS compliance year and 2022–23 PDRS compliance period. This will be the first Annual Report on the PDRS.

Previous Annual Reports have provided a summary of ESS performance. This includes information on:

  • the energy savings achieved

  • the compliance of Scheme Participants and Accredited Certificate Providers

  • key administration activities and developments.

Current Annual Report

ESS Annual Report to the Minister 2021

Previously published Annual Reports are provided here.