How to register an account

Follow these steps to register an account in TESSA:

  1. Go to TESSA at and click on ‘Register here’.
  2. Enter the required information and submit.
  3. You will receive an email requesting certified copies of documents for a 100 point identity check and evidence of authority to sign (if applicable) – see below.
  4. If you specified on the registration form that you intend to be a signatory, you will also need to add authority to sign (see bottom of page)
  5. Submit your documents by replying to our email.

We will assess your documents and request more information if necessary.

Once your documents are successfully verified your registration will be approved and your user profile created. You will receive a confirmation email that you have been granted access to TESSA.

The registration process is then complete and your 100 point identity documents are deleted from our systems.

You can also watch this video, which includes information about how to register an account.


Identity documents

You must provide documents adding to a minimum of 100 points, including at least one document from Category A. Identification must be current and include at least:

  • one type of photographic identification
  • identification that contains your date of birth.

Category A


Category B


Australian passport (current or expired within the last 2 years but not cancelled)


Medicare card


Australian Citizenship Certificate


Birth certificate extract


Australian visa (current)


Australian marriage certificate


Full birth certificate (not extract)


Australian change of name certificate


Australian driver licence/Learner’s permit


Australian Electoral Roll enrolment




ATO taxation assessment notice




Credit or account card




Current council rates notice




Bank statement (showing transactions)




Current utility bill less than 12 months old


Your identity documents must be copies of the originals that have been certified as true (within 4 weeks of your application being submitted) by a:

  • Justice of the peace
  • Solicitor or barrister with a current NSW or interstate practising certificate
  • Commissioner of the court for taking affidavits
  • Notary public, or
  • Person authorised by law to administer an oath.

Authority to sign

You must be an authorised signatory to apply for accreditation or to amend an accreditation through TESSA.

Apply to be an authorised signatory through TESSA by providing evidence of your authority – for example, a letter authorising you to submit an application on behalf of the organisation. This evidence can be provided as part of the initial account registration process, or later when you add an additional user to your account if that user is going to be an authorised signatory.

The evidence must be duly executed by your organisation to our satisfaction. For example, the letter may be duly executed by two directors, or a director and a company secretary.

If you are a sole director and have no company secretary or are a sole director who is also the company secretary, the Current Company Extract (together with proof of identity) is sufficient evidence of your authority to submit an application.

If you have questions about registering an account please contact us.