Members of the public

Anyone can view the following information from the TESSA homepage without logging into a TESSA account:

  • Registry of Certificates for information about certificates – including information on the type, status, vintage, creation date, owners and activity type
  • list of products accepted for use in the Energy Security Safeguard Schemes, such as lighting, water heaters and chimney damper products
  • list of Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) and accreditations.

Basic Users

Basic users in TESSA are those who only require access to:

  • register products for acceptance within the schemes
  • hold certificates and take part in certificate transfers
  • make voluntary surrenders of certificates to offset energy use.

Basic users can see the How to register an account page for detailed instructions and to watch a video showing how to register an account.

Applying for lighting products acceptance

Watch this video for more information about applying for lighting product acceptance.

Product register filtering

Watch this video to learn how to filter and sort lists in the Accepted Products Listing TESSA.

Certificate Register Filtering

Watch this video to learn how to filter and sort certificates in the TESSA Register of Certificates.

TESSA learning modules

View our full suite of TESSA learning modules for more information on how to use TESSA. (Note: these are presented from the position of being an ACP, however the videos are useful for any user who wants to use TESSA).

Troubleshooting support is also available in TESSA – see the TESSA page for details.

Please ensure contact details are kept up to date to ensure you receive all relevant communications relating to the Energy Security Safeguard Schemes.