TESSA online system for Scheme Participants

TESSA has replaced the ESS Portal, ESS Registry and ELT Portal and will bring Scheme Participant processes online.

As a Scheme Participant you can use TESSA now to view holdings and acquire certificates in the Registry of Certificates – see the Registry of Certificates and Transferring certificates pages.

Additional TESSA functionality will be added in time for compliance reporting to allow you to:

  • surrender certificates – see the Surrendering certificates page
  • notify us of your non-market acquisitions, exempt electricity loads and individual liable demand under the PDRS – see the PDRS Scheme participant requirements page
  • lodge your annual statement for the ESS or PDRS
  • >pay a penalty invoice.

We have developed a series of learning modules (see below) to help you get started in TESSA. Troubleshooting support is also available in TESSA (see the TESSA page for more details).

Please ensure contact details in TESSA are kept up to date to ensure you receive all relevant communications relating to the Energy Security Safeguard Schemes.

Logging into TESSA

To access TESSA when working with certificates, you’ll need a TESSA user account comprising a username and password. This needs to be tied to a valid and unique email address. The security feature requires one account (email address) per person accessing TESSA.

Existing Scheme Participants should use your new user account and login details (username and password) emailed to your primary user (this is your primary contact in the existing ESS Registry) on 5 September. See learning module 2 below for more details.

See the How to register an account page for detailed instructions and to watch a video showing how to register an account if you are a new Scheme Participant under the schemes.

Your customer admin user in TESSA can set up additional user accounts for other users in your business who may need to access TESSA (see learning module 3 below).

Submitting an annual statement and surrendering certificates

We will update TESSA with new functionality to support Scheme Participant processes over the coming months. You will use TESSA to submit your audit reports (if required), annual statements for the ESS and annual statements and individual liable demand for the PDRS.TESSA will assist you with certain calculations including liability, carry forwards and shortfall penalties (if applicable), which you will be able to pay in TESSA directly using an online payment gateway.

The surrender of certificates to fulfill your obligations will be integrated with the submission of your statement. This simplifies the work you need to do to comply with scheme obligations.

More information

We are providing training and support for users as we transition to TESSA. More details are available on our Upcoming events and Past events pages.

Download: TESSA Quick Reference Guide for Scheme Participants


Watch our TESSA learning modules to help you get started using TESSA.
Module 1: Introduction to TESSA

In this introduction to TESSA video, find out what TESSA is all about and what else you can learn in upcoming video modules.

Module 2: User management

Your user account is unique to your organisation and includes only one admin user. Learn how easy it is to log in to TESSA and manage your account by watching the user management video.

Module 3: Creating a sub-user account

Each person using TESSA needs their own sub user account (and email address) which the account admin user can set up to allow secure access. Watch the video below to find out how the admin user can set up a new account for other users.

Module 4: TESSA dashboard

When you log in to TESSA, you will see your personalised dashboard. Get a tour of your new dashboard by watching the video below.

Module 5: Navigating through TESSA

Learn how to navigate through your custom dashboard and other TESSA functions by watching the video below.