The Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS) has the same Scheme Participants as the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS). Introducing the PDRS means Scheme Participants have additional but similar reporting requirements.

We have aligned reporting dates for the ESS and PDRS to allow Scheme Participants to conduct combined or separate audits to suit their business needs. 

The figure below sets out the current timeline for the aligned Scheme Participant process.

Scheme Participants Timeline

The compliance timeline reflects changes from the recent combined audit consultation and updated provision to accommodate the timing of the 4 peak days.

Aligning the timeframes for the ESS and PDRS will give Scheme Participants the choice to engage an auditor to undertake combined or separate audits to meet their individual business needs. We will be modifying the Detailed Scope of Works (DSW) submission form so that it can be used for both schemes.

We will provide market acquisition (ESS) and market load (PDRS) data from AEMO based on 20-week revised statement data. We anticipate ESS data will be provided in June and PDRS data in September. These dates are based on the last peak day occurring in March. 

ESS and PDRS audits will be assessed by IPART after 16 November no matter when they are submitted.

We will publish updated guidance on the audit process to assist Scheme Participants and auditors in mid 2023.

After the first compliance cycle is complete, we will review the process and seek feedback from Scheme Participants and auditors to make improvements.

Read more about the combined audit consultation on our Past consultations page.