Working together in an Evolving Scheme 

170 people met on 6 November to learn about practical ways of working together in an evolving scheme. Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs), Scheme Participants (SPs), auditors and the IPART team joined the event in person and online. 

While it was clear that each had different roles in the scheme, it was also clear that the scheme's success depended on all of us working together. Even more so as the scheme continues to grow and mature. 

If you missed the event or would like a quick refresher on what we covered, you can watch a replay of the talks below. And if you would like to see answers to questions attendees asked our presenters, scroll down the page.


Working together in an evolving scheme (Michelle Coco)

IPART Executive Director Michelle Coco talks about the evolving nature of the scheme and why IPART is on a journey to be more outcome and risk-based in its approach to compliance.

Compliance priorities in an evolving scheme (Sean Goodchild)

IPART Director Sean Goodchild talks of practical steps that IPART is taking on its journey towards outcome and risk-based compliance.

Snapshot of an evolving scheme (Stephen Buckley) 

Stephen Buckley (DCCEEW) provides a snapshot of how the Safeguard has been evolving and some upcoming activities as the scheme continues to mature. 

An ACP’s perspective of an evolving scheme (Mahsa Sistani) 

Mahsa Sistani presents an ACP perspective of operating in an evolving scheme.


Answers to questions you asked at the Forum

IPART Questions and answers

DCCEEW Questions and answers