Activity definitions and eligibility requirements are set out in the draft Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS) Rule. The Office of Energy and Climate Change (OECC) is developing the PDRS Rule, which will commence in the second half of 2022.

We have included information about activities based on what we know so far from OECC, but these activity definitions may change as the Rule is finalised. A definitive list of activities will be published once the PDRS Rule is available.

Peak Demand Saving activity definitions

Activity definitions in the first version of the PDRS Rule will correspond to certain activity definitions in the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS).

The table below includes activities that OECC has indicated may be included in the first PDRS Rule and the corresponding ESS activity definitions. These activities will be confirmed when the PDRS Rule is finalised.

End-User Equipment

PDRS Activity Definition

ESS Method

ESS Activity Definition

Residential air conditioners


Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits


Commercial air conditioners


Installation of High Efficiency Appliances for Business


Commercial heat pump water heaters


Installation of High Efficiency Appliances for Business


Non-primary refrigerators and freezers


Removal of Old Appliances


Refrigerated cabinets


Installation of High Efficiency Appliances for Business


Motors (refrigeration and ventilation)


Installation of High Efficiency Appliances for Business


Residential pool pumps


Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits


Implementing eligible activities

We anticipate, subject to the final PDRS Rule, that ACPs will be able to create Energy Savings Certificates and Peak Reduction Certificates (PRCs) from the same eligible implementation from 1 April 2022 by applying the relevant calculation method from each scheme. More information about calculation methods under the PDRS is provided on the Calculation methods page.

You won’t be able to register these PRCs until 1 November 2022 when the certificate registry commences operation. You will also need to be accredited under the PDRS and meet other requirements which may include:

  • being nominated for the eligible activity under the ESS (see the Nomination page for more details)
  • being accredited for the activity under the ESS to obtain the nomination if the implementation occurs before the ACP is accredited under the PDRS.

We will be able to confirm these requirements once the PDRS Rule commences in the second half of 2022.

For more information about eligible activities and OECC’s PDRS Rule consultation process, please visit the Energy website.

Information on how to get accredited under the PDRS can be found on our How to apply for PDRS accreditation page.