Our existing IT systems are undergoing major upgrades to integrate them into one online system called TESSA (The Energy Security Safeguard Application). TESSA is expected to go live later this year and will include a new Registry, ESS Portal functions and product registry.

TESSA’s features will roll out progressively from later this year, starting with current ESS online processes including the certificate registry for Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs). Following this, the registry will be available to register Peak Reduction Certificates (PRCs) from 1 November 2022. The TESSA page provides more information, including how to prepare for when it goes live

In the meantime, you can continue to access all existing IT functions using the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) online systems below.

The ESS Registry

The Registry is an online system which allows relevant participants to register, transfer and surrender energy savings certificates (ESCs). It can be accessed by all participants in the ESS and members of the public.

For more information on the Registry refer to ESS Registry

The ESS Portal

The ESS portal is a web-based application which we use to manage compliance of and communicate with all Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) in the ESS. This includes management of all audit activity and changes to accreditations. All ACPs and auditors use this system.

For more information and access to user guides, ACPs refer to Online systems and auditors refer to ESS Portal.

The ELT Portal

The ELT Portal is an online system used to manage applications for acceptance of Emerging Lighting Technologies (ELTs) for use in upgrades under the Commercial Lighting method. ELTs must meet certain safety and performance requirements and be accepted for use before ESCs can be created from its use in a lighting upgrade.

The Product Search function is used to find ELTs that have been accepted for use under the Commercial Lighting method.

Refer to Commercial Lighting Requirements for more information.