We often publish Scheme Administrator Notices when requirements have changed, or we have important information to provide about these requirements.

There are three types of Notices:

  • Compliance Action Notices: These Notices provide details of actions that the Scheme Administrator has taken in response to non-compliance by ACPs. These Notices provide examples of consequences to you if you fail to meet your obligations under the Act, the Regulation, the ESS Rule or the Accreditation Notice.
  • Requirements for ACPs: These Notices provide important information on requirements that ACPs must meet. Typically ESS Notices of this type are used to provide information to our participants as soon as it is available. Over time, we transfer this information into the appropriate Guides or Fact Sheet.
  • Information for ACPs: These Notices provide information to ACPs on a range of topics such as upcoming legislative deadlines, ESS Rule changes, administrative processes and method specific information.

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