We produce a number of publications for our stakeholders. The key types of publications are outlined below.

Annual Report

We produce an Annual Report each year which highlights the performance of the ESS. This report is completed by IPART by 31 July each year, and covers the performance of the previous calendar year. The report is publicly released once it has been tabled in Parliament.

For more information and to access to reports, please see Annual Reports to the Minister.

ESS Guides

We produce a number of different guides to help our many stakeholders, including Scheme Participants, Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) and Auditors. These guides provide information on requirements under the Electricity Supply Act 1995 (the Act), Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2014 (the Regulation) and the Energy Savings Scheme Rule of 2009 (ESS Rule) as well as information on how we administer the scheme.

See a list of our current Guides. For information on the key guides applicable to ACPs, refer to Guidance to help you understand your obligations.

ESS Notices

We often publish Scheme Administrator Notices when requirements have changed, or we have important information to provide about these requirements. For more information on the three types of Notices we publish, please see ESS Notices.

ESS Reminders and Updates

We may publish ESS reminders to our regulated parties (ACPs and Scheme Participants) on impending deadlines and provide practical information on what they should be doing to ensure they meet these deadlines. This includes information on processing time required for any changes that may be needed ahead of such deadlines.

We also publish ESS Updates when there are changes or upcoming changes to the ESS. This includes effective dates of changes in the ESS Rule or emergency changes to the ESS Rule.

See our list of ESS Reminders and ESS Updates.

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets provide practical information about how to participate in the ESS or information on recent changes in administrative processes or legislation.

See our list of current Fact Sheets.


We publish Newsletters on a quarterly basis. They provide information to stakeholders and the energy savings community on recent developments under the scheme, such as updates to guidance material, emerging compliance issues, legislative developments, changes to our processes and registry statistics.

ESS Newsletter 62 - March 2022

ESS Newsletter 61 - December 2021

ESS Newsletter 60 - September 2021

ESS Newsletter 59 - June 2021

ESS Newsletter 58 - March 2021

ESS Newsletter 57 - December 2020

Newsletter 56 - September 2020

Newsletter 55 - June 2020