Draft PDRS Method Guide Consultation

Consultation on the draft Method Guide for the Peak Demand Savings Capacity Method: Reducing Demand Using Efficiency has now ended.

The Method Guide provides guidance on meeting requirements to create a Peak Reduction Certificate from eligible activities under the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS).

We sought submissions on the format, content and approach to record keeping requirements in the draft Method Guide.

Thankyou for your submissions.  We are considering your feedback and will publish our response here soon.


Outcomes of consultation on PIAM&V Method Requirements (No 2)

Consultation on PIAM&V Method Requirements (No 2) has now ended.

We sought feedback on proposed PIAM&V Method Requirements (No 2) for Deemed Method Implementations. For more information on the consultation and our response to the submissions, please see the PIAM&V Method Requirements (No 2) Submissions Report.

We have published Notice 02/2021 - PIAM&V Method Requirements (No 2) to enable Accredited Certificate Providers to account for other Implementations under the ESS Rule within the measurement boundary for a PIAM&V project. The PIAM&V Method Requirements (No 2) are only intended to address projects that relied upon our guidance prior to its correction in June 2021. They are not proposed as an enduring change to how PIAM&V operates.

The PIAM&V Method Requirements (No 2) are additional to the existing PIAM&V Method Requirements and are time limited to Implementations on or before 31 December 2021.


Update on Stakeholder Engagement Charter Consultation

Consultation on the Draft Engagement Charter has now ended. Thank you for providing feedback and comments. The outcomes of the Stakeholder Engagement Charter consultation are provided below.

Date Documents

23 March 2021

IPART's Response to Submissions

20 November 2020

Submission on Draft Engagement Charter - The Green Guys Group

20 November 2020

Submission on Draft Engagement Charter - EC Focus

13 November 2020

Submission on Draft Engagement Charter - Emerald Planet

13 November 2020

Submission on Draft Engagement Charter - ESIA

29 October 2020

Submission on Draft Engagement Charter - Anonymous

26 October 2020

Draft Engagement Charter


Removal of LCPs not at rated power

We have completed the stakeholder consultation on Luminaires with Switchable Wattage Settings. Notice 05/2020 sought feedback on this issue in December 2020.

Thank you for your feedback. We have considered the issues you raised. We have worked with the Essential Services Commission to ensure that our position is as far as possible, consistent with the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program and industry practices. See the VEU website for more details.

We will progressively remove any Lamp Circuit Power (LCP) that was not determined at a product’s rated wattage from the public list, effective from 1 April 2021.
We are not removing any product from the public list altogether or making any changes to the existing equipment requirements. You can continue to use products which incorporate dimming capability, multiple wattage settings, or incorporate drivers with adjustable power or current output, provided that the LCP is determined at the rated power of the product.

For more details on what this means for you, please see our information paper.


SP Audit Documentation Consultation

We consulted on introduction of a standard DSW for audits of a scheme participant’s Annual Energy Savings Statements (AESS). The consultation has now been completed and final versions of the documents are available on Auditing Scheme Participants. Please refer to our Fact Sheet – DSW Submission Form – AESS – January 2021 for information on rollout of the new form and results of the consultation.