Stakeholder Forums

Stakeholder Forums are held on an as-needed basis, but typically occur annually and towards the end of the year. With the introduction of the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme our Stakeholder Forums will encompass both schemes to ensure we meet all stakeholders’ needs.

They are intended to:

  • maintain a dialogue between IPART, accredited certificate providers, scheme participants and auditors
  • improve administration of the schemes
  • focus on key topics as requested by stakeholders.

Following last year’s forum, our stakeholders gave us some useful suggestions for improvements. These suggestions will be used to help shape this year’s and future forums. Thank you to everyone who contributes to the events.

The 2023 Stakeholder Forum was held on 3 November.  See our 2023 Safeguard Stakeholder Forum page for details.

You can view the agendas, slide decks and video recordings for our previous Stakeholder Forums on our Past events page. 

Auditor workshops

These sessions are intended for applicants and members of the Audit Services Panel. Sessions typically focus on encouraging consistent outcomes when conducting audits. The workshops also focus on getting feedback from our auditors to enhance and streamline scheme administration.

The Auditor Workshops are typically held annually, but the frequency varies depending on need. Please go to our Upcoming events page for details of future auditor workshops.