The compliance period for the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS) is from 1 November through to 31 March.

As a Scheme Participant, you must calculate and report your individual liable demand for the compliance period. Your individual liable demand must be reported by the date set out in the compliance timeline. If you don’t report your individual liable demand we will make a default assessment to allow us to calculate scheme liable demand.

Individual liable demand is calculated by dividing your total liable acquisitions (in megawatt hours) for the 4 peak days in the compliance period (see the Four peak days page) by the total number of hours in the peak period (i.e. 6 hours/day x 4 days) and converting to kilowatts as follows:

This formula says how to calculate individual liable demand, and is detailed in the text above

More information about liable acquisitions is available on the Liable acquisitions and exempt loads page.