Our existing IT systems are undergoing major upgrades to integrate them into one online system called TESSA (The Energy Security Safeguard Application). TESSA is expected to go live later this year and will include a new Registry.

The new registry will allow you to register:

  • Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) from when TESSA goes live, and
  • Peak Reduction Certificates (PRCs) from 1 November 2022.

You can continue to access the existing ESS Registry until TESSA goes live. The section below provides information on the existing ESS Registry. For more information on TESSA, please refer to our TESSA page

Viewing the ESS Registry account as a guest

Anyone can search the Registry for information on Accredited Certificate Providers, and Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs), including information on the creation, owners and surrender of ESCs.

To view information on the ESS Registry:

Creating an ESS Registry account

Anyone can self-register an ESS Registry account. Account owners can transfer and surrender ESCs.

To self-register an ESS Registry account:

  • Access the Registry at https://www.ggas-registry.nsw.gov.au/
  • Select Guest Login
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Select Next
  • Select Become Registered
  • Complete the request form
  • Select Request access
  • Login to your ESS Registry account

Guidance on the use of the Registry can be found in the User Guide - Registry.

There are limits on the number of certificates you can hold in your Registry account

Self-registered accounts are initially limited to the number of certificates that can be held in the account. If more than 1000 certificates are held in the account the owner will not be able to transfer these certificates until the certificate holding limit has been removed.

Owners can apply to have the certificate holding limit removed.

To request removal of the Certificate Holding Limit:

  • Download and complete the Certificate Holding Limit application form listed below.
  • Ensure the application form is signed by a person authorised to sign on behalf of the account owner.
  • Attach evidence of the signatory’s authorisation to sign on behalf of the account owner. Acceptable evidence is listed on the application form.
  • Submit your application & evidence to the Registry Manager at registrymanager@ipart.nsw.gov.au.

Accredited Certificate Providers & Scheme Participants

Accounts for Accredited Certificates Providers (ACPs) are set up when the ACP is first accredited.

Accounts for Scheme Participants are set up when an organisation is first identified as having an obligation under the Scheme.

Relevant Documentation

Application Form - Registry - Removal of Certificate Holding Limit