About this method

The Aggregated Metered Baseline (AMB) method allows energy savings to be calculated across a group of energy customers. It allows energy savings to be calculated for an activity that is rolled out over many sites and achieves relatively small savings at each site. The method uses verified statistical analysis to determine the significance of energy savings. In this method, the term ‘energy’ may refer to electricity, natural gas, or both.

The method uses one of three different statistical methods where:

  • energy savings are small on a site by site basis
  • energy savings can vary greatly from site to site, or
  • there is uncertainty over the amount of energy that will be saved, or the persistence of energy savings.

The calculation of energy savings is based on the comparison between the measured energy consumption of 2 groups:

  • a treatment group, which is offered goods and services designed to achieve energy savings
  • a control group, which is not offered any energy savings incentive.

The treatment group and the control group are selected from a population using an unbiased selection method.

Accredited Statistician

To use this method you must engage an Accredited Statistician to verify in writing that:

  • the method for allocating sites to either the treatment group or control group is unbiased
  • the analysis method for calculating the observed energy savings is valid, and
  • the lengths of all measurement periods used to calculate energy savings have been documented.

The Accredited Statistician must be accepted by us.

The Statistical Society of Australia (SSAI) maintains a list of Accredited Statisticians on their website at http://www.statsoc.org.au/.

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