Our existing IT systems are undergoing major upgrades to integrate them into one online system called TESSA (The Energy Security Safeguard Application). TESSA is expected to go live in later this year and will include a new Registry. The Registry will allow you to register:

  • Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) from when TESSA goes live, and
  • Peak Reduction Certificates (PRCs) from 1 November 2022.

You can continue to access the existing ESS Registry until TESSA goes live.  For more information on TESSA, please refer to our TESSA page.

ESS Registry

The Registry can be accessed by all participants in the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) and members of the public.

The functions of the Registry include:

  • Listing details of Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) and their accreditations
  • Facilitating the registration and transfer of energy savings certificates (ESCs)
  • Listing details and tracking ownership of ESCs
  • Allowing Scheme Participants to surrender ESCs to meet mandatory obligations or company-specific offset schemes.

You can access the Registry at https://www.ggas-registry.nsw.gov.au/.

Contact the Registry Helpdesk on 1800 006 797 (8.30am–5.30pm Mon-Fri, excluding NSW public holidays) or registry@greenhousegas.nsw.gov.au.

When an ESC is created by an ACP, the Registry records information about that ESC including the entity, activity type associated with it, and the vintage and creation date. The Registry also tracks the certificate status (live, surrendered, or forfeited) and ownership history.

One certificate represents one notional megawatt hour attributable to energy savings arising from an energy savings activity.

Relevant Documentation

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