Your accreditation notice sets out the activities for which you are accredited and the conditions of your accreditation. You can apply to change these at any time. Your application must be made on TESSA and include required information. 

This page tells you:

  • what you can apply for and the information you must give us
  • the application process.
Changes you can apply for
Change audit conditions or certificate creation limit

You can apply to change your audit conditions (e.g. change from pre-registration to periodic) and/or your certificate creation limit. 

You must read our guide for changing audit conditions and certificate creation limits. Section 4.1 of the guide details the information you must provide with an application.

You must complete and submit the Application for amendment form.

Add an Activity Definition

You can apply to add activities to your accreditation under the Reducing Demand Using Efficiency (RDUE) method. 

Activities under the under RDUE method have corresponding activities under the ESS HEER, IHEAB and ROOA methods. When applying to add Activity Definitions under RDUE, you should consider applying for corresponding ESS activities at the same time.

You must provide:

your updated training material covering the additional activities (see section 4.2.3 of the PDRS Method Guide).

Transfer an accreditation

You can apply to transfer your accreditation to a related body corporate of the ACP. A $500 fee is payable when you apply.

You must provide the completed Application for Transfer of Accreditation form.

Suspend or cancel an accreditation

You can apply to suspend or cancel your accreditation.

You must provide your reasons for suspension or cancellation. If applying for suspension, provide the period of suspension.

Other types of changes

For changes not listed above, please contact us and provide details. We will let you know what you must provide for your application.

The application process
Application process

There are 5 steps in the application process:

Changing your PDRS accreditation

We start assessing your application when it is complete (Step 3). Simple applications that have no issues or gaps to address typically take around 2 months to complete. Our assessment may take longer depending:

  • how complex the change is
  • if you need to provide more information
  • if you or a related entity have any current or pending compliance issues under the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) or PDRS.
Five steps to changing your accreditation

Step 1:

You prepare your application

Prepare your application and required information. For all applications, you must provide:

  • summary of amendment needed

  • rationale and relevant contributing factors

  • required information detailed above.

Submit one application for an accreditation covering all requested changes. If you wish to amend multiple accreditations, submit separate applications for each accreditation.

Step 2:

You submit your application

Submit your application to IPART in TESSA (click on the 'Application for Amendment’ link on your dashboard). 

Any documents must be in commonly used file formats, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, Adobe PDF, JPEG, etc. 

If you are requesting a transfer of accreditation, the transferee must also have an account in TESSA.

Step 3:

We check your application is complete

We will check you have provided all required information. If your application is incomplete we will request the missing information, which must be provided before we can proceed. 

If you are requesting a transfer of accreditation, this step includes payment of the transfer fee (see Costs of being an ACP).

Step 4:

We assess your application

We assess your application in accordance with PDRS requirements. We may request further information to enable our assessment. We typically issue no more than 2 requests for information.

Step 5:

We notify you of our decision

When we have completed our assessment the Scheme Administrator will decide whether to approve or refuse your application. We will inform you of this decision in writing through TESSA.