As an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP), you may work with others to implement peak demand reduction activities, including:

  • marketers
  • installers
  • consultants
  • water heater equipment suppliers.

When you become an ACP, you take on the responsibility of ensuring any others that you work with comply with the requirements of the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS).

Using marketers, installers and consultants

ACPs may use marketers, installers and consultants to deliver peak demand reduction activities. Activities performed by these third parties can include:

  • promoting your services
  • undertaking administrative tasks on your behalf
  • supplying or installing equipment.

As the ACP, you are responsible for ensuring any person who performs any aspect of the peak demand reduction activity for which you are accredited complies with the requirements of the PDRS. For example, this includes (but is not limited to):

  • maintaining and storing records of your peak demand reduction activities
  • ensuring businesses and households understand the implementation as well as the need to nominate you as the capacity holder
  • maintaining appropriate customer service.

For more information on your obligations when working with third parties, see the PDRS  Method Guide. 

Working with water heater equipment suppliers

If your activity involves a water heater upgrade, you will also need to work closely with water heater equipment providers to ensure any water heater equipment you use meets the requirements of the PDRS and has been accepted for use in the PDRS.

A list of water heater products that have already been accepted for use in the scheme can be found on TESSA. For information on how to have a product accepted, please see our Product Applications Guide.